•   Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS)
  •   GRE pipe systems and Alternative Pipe systems

100’s of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) have been installed in the last 18 months – another few hundred are still to be installed.


These system do not work properly or not at all when leaving the Shipyard or even breaking down with no obvious reason. 

  •   The scrubber tower has issues
  •   The pumps are not running / not running properly
  •   The control panels have issues
  •   The power supplies are breaking down or are even missing
  •   The GRE pipes are leaking or breaking
  •   Valves are not shutting down or not giving signals
  •   Sensors give no feedback
  • Class requests that are hampering the operation of the system

Who’s mistake is that?

Focus on getting the EGCS operational and do not waste time now on finding out – all parties involved will finger point into the other direction anyway. Sorting that out is second priority!

WE – can help to get your system running. Every day your investment is not running you are loosing:

  •   Money
  •   Market share
  •   Trust from clients and charterers
  •   Delay on your return on investment

Our SCRUBBER BRANCH (SB) has installed more than 340 scrubbers since 2012. 

The different systems.

  •   Open loop EGCS
  •   Closed loop EGCS
  •   Hybrid EGCS
  •   Semi-Dry EGCS (eliminating 99% of the sulphur before exiting the vessel’s funnel)


Our teams will work out processes and prepare a timeline. 

  •   Focussing to avoid further Cost-overruns 
  •   Focussing to avoid further Time-overruns
  •   Search and Eliminate System flaws 


  1.  Our team has been dealing with all shiptypes and the majority of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment.

  2. Proven track record for installing / retrofitting more than 340 scrubbers.

Our Group has got a support offices in:

  •   Shanghai
  •   Ningbo
  •   Dalian
  •   Singapore
  •   Miami 
  •   Norfolk