•    Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS)
  •    CO2 Capturing Systems
  •   Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS)
  •   Green energy / Renewable energy
  •   GRE pipe systems and Alternative Pipe systems

The Docking Partner ENVIRONMENT BRANCH is foremost an environment focused group of specialists who have all been working in their field of expertise for more than 15 years and installed more than 340 scrubbers. We have also installed more than 65 WBTS. We also planned and financed renewable energy projects in the last decade

Totaling more than 260 years of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. The services are focused to support:

  •   Shipowners 
  •   Shipmanagers  
  •   Shipyards
  •   Governments and Governmental institutions
  •   Ports and Port authorities.

    1.  The Environment Branch is specialized in EGC systems for vessels and power plants. The different teams are tested in the field with the                    installation of the different systems.
  •    Open loop EGCS
  •    Closed loop EGCS
  •    Hybrid EGCS
  •    Semi-Dry EGCS (eliminating 99% of the sulphur before exiting the vessel’s funnel)

     2. The Environment Branch is also specialized in WBTS installations on vessels.

  •    Any type of system
  •    Any brand of system


  1. Our team has been working on all types of vessels. Over the years we have establish routines and processes which ensures an efficient installation process. Hereby we focus on minimizing the risks and the cost as well as reducing the delays to the minimum.

  2. EP is able to assist with the dealings towards class and flag-states in order to comply to the upcoming / existing IMO regulations.

  3.  EP can assist the shipowners / ship-managers with budget analyses and cost control enabling them to work out a financing scheme


  1.  EP will work with the client to establish the targets for their environment policy.

  2.  Our teams will then work out processes and prepare a timeline. In same we will work out the actual implementation of the project on the

vessel(s) – power-plant(s) – facility(s)

  3.  As per the clients requirements and or position, we can prepare a cost estimation for the project execution.

  4. Our team will work with your team to plan - prepare – procure – execute – finalize the whole project. It is also possible to acquire our teams for segments of the above turnkey offer as well. 

  5.  The EP team can be the controlling body to oversee the integration of the various makers / service providers and their input – hereby referring to the various companies that will provide their designs and requirements. This is one the major aspects where the projects encounter their problems 

  •    Cost overruns 
  •    Time overruns
  •    System flaws 
  •    Non-operational systems

  6.    EP can provide complete project teams and can assist the client with all class / government based documentation requirements.


  1.    The Environment Branch staff are: 

  •     Former shipowners 
  •    Former ship-managers
  •    Naval architects 
  •    Shipyard project managers 
  •    Environment engineers 
  •    Phd’s in Chemistry 
  •   Phd’s in Law and Legislation 
  •    Bankers

  2.    Our team has been dealing with all ship-types and the majority of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment.

  3.    Proven track record for installing more than 340 scrubbers as well as more than 65 completed WBTS.

ENVIRONMENT PARTNER will provide its clients to get the best service and most transparent project planning as well project execution. We will move you ahead.

DP has got a support offices in:

  •    Shanghai
  •    Ningbo
  •    Dalian
  •    Singapore
  •    Miami 
  •    Norfolk